Catch the Thief

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Hey! Could you come a bit closer? I can only whisper. We’ve got a problem. Our Marketing Manager spotted fraudulent financial transactions on our monthly bank statement. One of your colleagues was allegedly financing their personal project from our marketing budget. While our Marketing Manager was investigating it, she found her desk rearranged, her emails read and her computer with a login attempt. Now that she’s gone on holiday, this issue falls on your shoulders. Follow the clues she sends you, solve this challenge, and have fun with your team. Our company is counting on you.


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    Looking for some effective team building exercises to bring your team together?

    But with COVID-19 disrupting businesses all over, most teams have been forced to go remote. So how do you run team building games for remote teams?


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    You can always run virtual team building activities with HQ-Games.

    Health Challenge

    Makes co-workers healthier

    About Health Challenge

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Team size: min. 10 people
    Playtime: from 5 min. / day

    Do your best to conduct a healthy lifestyle in this 28 day challenge!

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    Easter Egg Hunting

    Find the eggs and decorate the
    company’s Egg Tree together

    About Easter Egg Hunting

    Difficulty: 5/10
    Team size: 1+
    Playtime: 5 min. / day

    Spring is a period of renewal that jobs also need. At such times, you can almost feel the smell of change in the air, the momentum of spring! throw up the mood with an exciting joint Easter game!

    More info

    Christmas Game

    Recently something bad happened in our office. Someone stole our Christmas tree and all the presents.

    About Christmas Game

    Difficulty: 6/10
    Team size: min. 3-6 players
    Playtime: from 60 min. / day

    Experience our newest online Christmas detective game!

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