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Frequently asked questions about HQ-Games.com

General Informations

HQ Store is developed by Battlejungle.

We believe that organizational success is largely dependent on how fast and in what way it’s people connect with each other for mutual benefit. We develop employee engagement activities that would help to infuse fun and creativity in your efforts to build an organizational dream team. Our activities bring co-workers together for a few moments, with the goal of building a cohesive team. Our philosophy is that employees who have fun at work are happier and more productive. They’re also more loyal to their employers. Our mission is to inspire and enable individuals and teams to create a positive, engaging, and productive work environment.

In 2020 we created HQ Store with a collection of the best team building activities for teams of all kinds: remote teams, in-office teams, freelance contractor teams, and everything in between.

Our employee engagement experts help you to find the activity that is both fun and beneficial, that meets your budget and your needs.  We can also tailor any activities to your needs to give your remote and in-office employees a great experience no matter where they are.

Sure. We can include your branding elements
(etc. logo, colors) into most of our activities.
We can also help you to customize entire games or activities to support
your specific team building goals.


We accept online payments through Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you don’t have a credit card, we accept PayPal and wire transfers. If you have any questions, please contact our sales team at info@hq-games.com to find out the best payment option for your company.

Once you have made an enquiry online, our sales team will get in touch with you to review your options. When you are happy with your selected activity, a 20% deposit is required to hold your booking and we will come back to you a few days later once everything is confirmed. Final payment will be needed at least 14 days prior to your event. If your event is within 14 days full payment will be required at the time of booking. For inquiries and further information, please feel free to contact us at info@hq-games.com or call us at +36 70 7730186.


These days, when we are forced to work from home it is even more important to develop the communication, trust and efficiency of your teams that work in different locations.

Our activities help your team build social bonds, combat loneliness and improve communication. We offer online team building to companies around the world to create a team culture that is based on trust and cooperation in the remote working environment.

Team-building doesn’t require a physical office space. There are plenty of ways your remote team can get to know each other and gain value from our virtual team-building exercises. We deliver each activity specifically for your team which allows us the capability to tailor the experience to your desired outcomes.

Absolutely. We can provide you a demo or a live demo depending upon the activity you are interested in.  Our employee engagement experts are happy to walk you through the activity over video call or via email as well.

If you are looking for an activity which is not offered in HQ Store, please contact us at info@hq-games.com. Our team building activity development team is ready to build the required solution for you.

IT Audit

Frequently asked IT Audit
questions about HQ-Games.com

Basic information

Yes, our CTO is responsible for information security and data protection manners: Balázs Barna, balazs@battlejungle.com

Our hosting provider is DigitalOcean (digitalocean.com). Their legal and security policies can be reached via the following link: https://www.digitalocean.com/legal/

The server facility of hosting provider which used by Battlejungle as well has the certification of ISO9001:2008, ISO27001:2005 and ISO22301:2012.

Yes, every year we hold a general IT security awareness training for our employees and managers which covers the handling of cloud customer data as well.

Senior management clearly and visibly supports, encourages and shows commitment to information security and privacy training and awareness activities.

Yes. After the expiration of a contract, the data will be deleted. There is no way to migrate data to another system.

There is no possibility of data migration due to the nature of the service.

Personnel security

The new entries accept our anticorruption and onboarding policy. We do not have any background check.

An offense against the policy serves as an extraordinary reason for termination.

Authentication and authorization

Yes, we do have access&password management. We do not apply unnecessarily complicated password rules, because that would increase the ‘written on a post-it’ effect. Currently we do not have two-factor authentication.

Yes, currently there are 4 different roles in Battlejungle (Admin, Organisation organiser, Activity organiser, Player), and the company can decide the roles for their members.

In Battlejungle the users with ‘admin’ role can access the Statistics sub-page of their company, but they cannot access the source data.

The administrators and ‘regular’ users can access the service through the company specific* log-in page, where captcha is used against the bots. We do not have two-factor authentication.

The rights and responsibility of managing the access of ‘regular’ users are on the customer’s side. If a company becomes inactive, the subscription expires or the behaviour of a user poses a risk to the service, Battlejungle has the right to disable or remove the particular account(s).

No, the responsibility for managing user profiles rests with the customer organisation. Company accounts with expired subscription may be disabled after 6 months of inactivity.

We do not have multifactor authentication, but the customer can restrict the email domain which can be used by users at the process of registration.

We use SHA512 for encoding the passwords. We do not apply unnecessarily complicated password rules, because that would increase the ‘written on a post-it’ effect.

Business continuity

Yes, if the outage period is longer than 24 hours, or the fault has connections with data-handling, we inform our paid customers.

Yes, the hosting provider monitors the actual level of resource capacity utilization, and has the ability to rescale it in a short period (in minutes if needed).

Yes, our backups stored by our hosting provider, DigitalOceans.

Yes, we have prepared the appropriate process for an occasional emergency or restart.

We test our BCM process at least once every year.

Yes, we have created a process that ensures the proper data restoration from backups.

Security policy and organizational security, compliance

Information security policies and cloud security procedures are provided by internal policies.

Yes, we have a created a change management program, and the users and visitors of Battlejungle can check the latest changes on our support site: support.battlejungle.com/knowledge-base/changelog

Yes, our service meets the requirements of GDPR. In order to always meet it, we have internal GDPR audit. We have a person in Battlejungle who is responsible for applying the principles of GDPR into our processes.

Yes, our current policy always available on Battlejungle, check the footer of a Battlejungle page, or reach it via the following link: https://battlejungle.com/privacy-policy

Yes, our CTO is responsible for information security and data protection manners: Balázs Barna, balazs@battlejungle.com

We have an Information Security Risk Assessment Checklist, every month we go throught the checklist, and we if any problems occurs or just needs modification we do it ASAP. The checklist – among other things – covers the following areas:
– Network vulnerabilities test
– Availability controls log review
– Access/entry point controls log check”

We agree to conduct audit with prior consultation. We have policies for our employees about: IT, Documents handling, Onboarding, Exit, Anticorruption”

The subcontractors have no access to the live database or any internal documents about our clients.

Physical access

The HQ is controlled. The building has security cameras and 7×24 reception, with security guard.

The hosting provider has independently audited and/or certified by various internationally-recognized attestation and certification compliance standards. DigitalOcenas datacenters are co-located in some of the most respected datacenter facility providers in the world. They leverage all of the capabilities of these providers including physical security and environmental controls to secure their infrastructure from physical threat or impact. Each site is staffed 24/7/365 with on-site physical security to protect against unauthorized entry. Security controls provided by their datacenter facilities includes but is not limited to:

24/7 Physical security guard services Physical entry restrictions to the property and the facility Physical entry restrictions to our co-located datacenter within the facility Full CCTV coverage externally and internally for the facility Biometric readers with two-factor authentication Facilities are unmarked as to not draw attention from the outside Battery and generator backup Generator fuel carrier redundancy Secure loading zones for delivery of equipment


Yes, our hosting provider has redundant data centers.

Technical support staff of hosting Provider does not have access to the backend hypervisors where virtual servers reside nor direct access to the NAS/SAN storage systems where snapshots and backup images reside. Only select engineering teams have direct access to the backend hypervisors based on their role.


We use SHA512 for encoding the passwords and then we store the hashed form of encrypted passwords, therefore there is no possibility to find out the exact password from our database. Throughout the battlejungle.com and company specific domains (mycompany.battlejungle.com) and their subpages are communicate with the server on secured HTTPS channel.


We do not analyze the log files user by user for marketing or product development purpose, only in special cases and just for bug fixes. For development we use log files in aggregated form. We log the operation of the system and the acts done by users (opened pages, logins, performance announcements on activities, social interactions within Battlejungle, managed activities in user’s company etc.).

Vulnerabilities are indicated to the CTO who will notify the administrator within 5 working days in written form.

Incident response

Yes, we have. We regulate how to recognise a security incident, what are roles and responsibilities during an incident, and what kind of steps should be made according to the Incident Response Plan.

We notify our users within 1 business day after discovering the abnormal operation.

Yes, this option is available to the user upon email.

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